We love it piping hot

Welcome to Piping Hot Grape Juice. Whys it called that you ask?… well more on that later.
We would like to welcome you to the site. We are very excited to finally have an online presence. These things take time and something else always gets in the way, like a pandemic or having a baby. We love websites and graphic design and we are very passionate about our work. We have been very busy working on some great projects which we will blog about later too. For now, we just want to say hello and have a look below at the services we offer. We cant wait to meet you.

Web Design


We design for the best user experiences and capitalise on the latest technological advances.

Graphic Design


Great looking graphic design to show off your branding. Design for digital and print.

Website Development


We are ready to turn your website design into reality. We aim to create simple, easy-to-use, websites that will help you win more business.

Domain & Web Hosting


We can register your domain name and host your website on our servers provided by top agency.



We can host your email or setup to use GMail or Office 365



We can create a simple blog for you very fast. Using temples its easy peasy.

Search Engine Optimisation


SEO changes all the time. It's imperative to keep on top of SEO to be found and stay found.



We can design and implement your e-commerce website that will look and feel great.

We would love to hear from you and tell us your ideas. There are no rights or wrong to design. People see beauty in all sorts of places. Living in Glasgow the influx of the most amazing graffiti murals around the city has inspired us to take some of that artwork and apply it to Piping Hot Grape Juice.

We take all your ideas on board and lay them out in the best way possible to maximise the user interface and user experience.

Every client deserves a bespoke proposal because every project is different so therefore every quote is different.

We like to talk to our clients face to face, this can be over a zoom call, meet in a cafe or at the very least talk over the phone.

Please get in touch and we will get back to you and listen to your great ideas.

We love all things design here at Piping Hot Grape Juice. We do many things and we do them well. We always have the customers business at the heart of our work. While we do work for you, we work for your business. We get to know it. We learn it. We are it.